Remember that surprise we talked about? Well, it’s coming!

This is a project unlike ANY OTHER inside the Computer Clan, and it keeps driving one of our key goals; being the intersection of art and tech. We don’t just showcase technology and how to use it, but we show what one can create with it!

Ken, along with other local Computer Clan contributors, traveled to a historic site in the United States. The entire territory was setup to reflect the 19th century US lifestyle. The epicenter of all the excitement was a live Civil War battle reenactment! We have loads of footage that we want to share! We don’t have a product to show yet, but we wanted to share a few photos / stills from the footage! Enjoy this small piece of history. There is more to come!

UPDATE: Thanks for featuring this artwork, f*ckyeahmst3k. Those notes are looking nice.

Hey guys, Ken here. I know there are a few MSTies that follow the Computer Clan (heck, there could be more than a few). I am experimenting with Redbubble as a future merchandise store for the Computer Clan once it grows more. Here’s some merch featuring Gypsy. What do you think, sirs? LINK:

Apple has announced their latest press event. It will go down on September 9, 2014 at 12:00 PM central (10 AM eastern). They announced it earlier than the usual schedule, and they seem to be having a presentation building constructed at the flint center. Those two bits are unusual, but perhaps they have something really special for us! We are expecting to see the iPhone 6 and the iWatch to be unveiled. We will do our best to have a CCL stream scheduled during the unfolding events.

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