The Computer Clan is proud to announce the official development of Computer Showdown Season 7.0; a complete redesign of the show many of our fans know and love! More details will be coming soon, and if you have an All Access pass on CC Backstage, you can receive exclusive previews on the projects development way ahead of anyone else! You can also view content that is never released to the public!

Today, the Computer Clan introduced CC Site 11.1, which brings forth a brand new feature; CC Backstage.

Backstage is a forum that allows our viewers to connect with each other, and with other CC members. But that’s just the beginning. Users can earn an All Access pass, which grants them access to special content that only they can see! This includes projects that the Computer Clan is working on, such as: Computer Showdown Season 7.0, Spoof OS, the White Table Minecraft series, and so much more! All Access members can receive exclusive previews of content before it goes public, and they can see content that is never seen by the public!

Create an account today, and see what you can do! Enjoy.

Our largest and most complex project is in the works! ReVision is a creative and mind-bending story that is in the form of a short film. In order to make this a reality, we need some funding from the community! We are using Indiegogo! Click the link below, and take a look!


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